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Wow! I'm still in TrumpBliss !!

Updated: Feb 2

Wasn't he just divine last night? So handsome! Such a gentleman. God Bless President Trump! Thank you Dear Sir for coming to Texas!! Approximately 87,000 people!! Record!!

Esther was forordained. Esther 4:1-17 so are you. If I perish I perish 4:11-16. Think mirror! Why was Esther's timing so important 5:1-8 How high where the gallows 5:9-14 think about today! Honor for Mordechai not Haman Ch. 6 The festival of Perim! 9:17-32 The people stayed because of Mordechai.....10:1-3 are they staying or not complying because of you..... He's doing a number on your heart.....

Mine tooo...

It may be a similar parable to today. It may be that your calling is not to save a nation or to lead one..... but one thing is certain you are here not by chance.... but by design. If you will..... yes you, You have a role to play in building His kingdom right where you are at in the midst of your But don't compromise believe for new because He doesn't want your ability it's done by His ability so He....

Jesus gets the glory. Cut off the ties of old.... new wine cannot go into the new wine skin.

Bless your day!

I live in the Texas Hill Country and I am hearing the Shofar's horn in the mornings when I am up early praying. This is just an amazing time to be alive! God is so good! God is making it known his Kingdom is coming and that he is coming back soon! So exciting! Watch this link below::

A warning from General Flynn:

"Expect staged "False Flags" .....these thugs and criminals are in panic mode. If they can pull off the events like they did in DC on January 6th they can pretty much pull anything off & make it look "normal." Our God is NOT a God of CHAOS! He is a God of perfectly Divine order in an eloquent flowing way like water in a creek. It just effortlessly flows around the stones and rocks coming out on the other side

Expect staged emergencies which will cause a declaration of a national disaster which will shut down certain aspects of our Freedoms by the current 'administration.'"

Four Year Delta:

Yesterday was the 4 year delta of the below drop. Every time Q drops a flag it is a warning. It means to prepare. I think we are headed into the controlled demo of the Illuminati alters. The Rods of God weapons will be released Traveling at hypersonic speeds of Mach 5 or greater, these so-called “Rods from God” will be so completely devastating, Viewer discretion Advised.

Rods of God..... real and true:

It is going to look like thermal nuclear war all over the world as they take out the Illuminati alters all at once in one sonic #BOOM I am not sure of the exact number but over 30 buildings are going down. Washington DC, The Getty Museum, The Vatican to name a few. When? I would say soon.

Remember, YOU have been chosen to hear and read these words. You have your own personal role to play in the Great Awakening. Be brave! Use discernment. Do a deep dive with Phil Godlewski on D-Live. he has lots of awesome podcasts to replay.... Live now!

With every soul saved one less soul in hell! God Wins! given there is honor & respect to be received. Do not let this be a crazy $hitShow!! Talk to your neighbors, your yard folks, your grocer, your CVS cashier..... tell them! Wear your shirts!! Everywhere!

They are connected to satellites. The are made of Titanium, They have pin point accuracy and no nuclear fallout. They will come crashing in at 55.000 mph to wipe out many satanic strongholds. Saturday was a four year delta for the Freedom Flag. It is the same day Trump shows up in Texas. Largest crowd in history. 😉 Hang in there everyone. I am exhausted too but good things are happening if we refuse to listen to the MSM including Faux News chatter. All eyes on Jesus this week and forever!

Order Coconut bottle liters now & keep on hand. They can save a life from a heart attack. Chug them when anxiety rises. Buy 2 cases per Adult in the house. God's water vs "man's" water.

Great tea for upper adrenal/ kidney cleanse. Order it & keep on hand to use when lymphatic is dense.

I'm still not 100% after the Rally. I am so in like 5D I can hardly wait for the finale! I'm checking out for a rest. Please set your prayer alarm for tonight for 3 minutes early. Put on a praise & worship song & get ready! Set a second alarm for 10pm. We do this nightly around the world! #BeTheLight! We are going to pray out the chaos, the violence, the slavery. We are all electro magnetic beings. Our Earth is electro Magnetic. We are raising the Shuman's Resonance and God is going to hear our Prayers! And the choir sings Hallejula!! I have been in fast & prayer for 36 hours. God is doing His Mighty Work. Watch His Vengeance and Know This Too Shall Pass.... Justice must be served.

Heavenly Father we are so humbled and battle weary. We regret our past transgressions and claim Freedom In Christ! No weapon formed against us will prevail! Claiming and Believing!! We continue to stand firm in faith for The Children, President Trump and his family, his protectors, the Nation, the countries far & wide and most importantly pray for the Sheep!

We receive and believe. In Jesus name we pray. As so it is ..... Amen!

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