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We Love BECAUSE He First LOVED US...... John 4:19

Updated: Apr 2

Are we surprised? THEY ARE actors.... we just did not think deep enough did we? The picture is becoming more & more clear now. Soon THEY WILL NOT be able to walk the streets.

And From OUR Favorite President:

Memories of Last year's Oscar's. Watch:

Guess who has the Hunter Biden Laptop contents??? Matt Gaetz makes Dems go SILENT with motion on Hunter Biden's "Laptop From Hell".... Watch:

There is nothing better than Springtime in Austin.

Happy Gracie...

*Mercy Me..... Lifer.....

*Unspoken ... Just Give Me Jesus

Watch X22 Report:

Watch And We Know:
Be Still and KNOW...... He WILL NEVER LET YOU GO...... Trust The Plan..... Remember We ARE Watching a Movie! We are So Blessed Beyond measure to BE ALIVE during the Great Awakening!! We ARE HIS CHOSEN One's... HIS REMNANT..... God is so Faithful..... HE IS the WayMaker out of ALL WAYS..... Lay YOUR BURDENS DOWN at the FOOT of HIS CROSS! ASK Jesus to RESTORE YOUR Strength! And PRESS ON !! In the Mighty Name of Jesus...... Praying and Believing... Trusting and Receiving....

Heavenly Father, Our Nation's are so Grateful for the KNOWLEDGE of YOUR SON. I PRAY that ALL WHO ARE Reading this BLOG WILL USE whatever THEY CAN to Further the CALL and to BE THE CHURCH..... to BE THE Hands and the Feet..... I pray for a Mighty Spirit of Revival ALL OVER OUR Lands..... Trusting in Jesus and Walking in Faith until ALL ARE FREE of the Deep State and the Bad Actors ARE Once in FOR ALL DEPOSED of ...... Justice is a NECESSARY OUTCOME! Good Night and God Bless US ALL as We Face the Coming Days.... I DO BELIEVE WE HAVE A INCREDIBLE Future Waiting for US.... Until then, Please keep praying the 10pm CST Lord's prayer. One UNITED Worship and Praise for OUR LORD and Savior.... Vengeance IS HIS.... Praise the LORD!!

One more from il Donaldo Trumpo:

Peace out......

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