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The People ARE Waking UP!

Updated: Apr 5

Gallery of Memes:

The [DS] is panicking, the drop will speed up and the fake news will struggle to keep control. This was planned years ago, Trump confirmed that the people needed to see it, once the people saw the true agenda of the [DS] they would demand the old guard be destroyed. The people are taking back the country and the [DS] players are panicking trying to stop it, it’s too late the people are awake. Click for X22 via Rumble:

Best Tweet Ever! Click:

Elon Musk makes a power move on Twitter right before Hunter Biden is about to be indicted. #NOCoincidences #NCSWIC #WWG1WGAWW #DCPANIC

Interesting Pfizer files form to delist from NYC Stock exchange. Click:

This involves our true history. It must be shared. It must be told. *Dobie Tejas via Missile Man on Bitchute Watch:


And this:

This is awesome:

And this:

"I've been ready since the day I was saved. We've got a ticket into Heaven that has already been paid..... Open the Clouds Spirit Set Me Free... Open the Clouds ........ Shine Down...... "Sit at the table and be satisfied.... You've been sent an invitation but YOU GOTTA Reply.... The KING is coming! People Get Ready......"

Open The Clouds *Unspoken, Click:

"None of this is supposed to be happening.

They weren't supposed to lift the lockdowns and mask and vaccine mandates. Omicron made them do that.

Putin wasn't supposed to invade Ukraine and expose the literal Nazis and biolabs there to the world.

Durham isn't supposed to be coming and zeroing right in on Hillary Clinton and her team at her campaign HQ, at Perkins Coie or Fusion GPS.

They're not supposed to be having to suddenly reverse themselves on the Biden Crime Family investigation, frantically trying to get their captive audience up to speed before what's coming arrives.

There wasn't supposed to be a Great Awakening.

What they had planned on was The Great Reset.

But The Great Reset is dead.

And they can't stop The Great Awakening.

The boundaries are shifting.

The lines are being redrawn.

Nations are realigning.

It's too late to stop it.

And thank God for it."

*Brian Cates Political Columnist for the Epoch Times

WATCH! The Plot Against The President

Spend some time on JFKAwakeningQ17 on telegram.....Great posts. Power pyramid.....Watch:


“If you do not exclude them [Orthodox Jewish], in less than 200 years our Descendants will be working in the fields to furnish them Sustenance, while they will be in the counting houses rubbing their hands.”

-Benjamin Franklin

(The federal reserve act of 1913 was passed during Christmas break, when Congress was not in session, making it unconstitutional)

Join me in reading Women in The Easter Story, a 7-Day Devotional:

Please continue to join in nightly for the Lord's Prayer fat 10pm CST. We Pray for the Children and for our World to Have and KNOW True Peace. Pray the Truth comes out and the BAD GUYS go to GITMO on a ONE WAY TRIP! It is TIME! In Jesus Name..... Praying and Believing and Grateful to KNOW This TOO SHALL PASS! Can't Wait! Until then WE WILL STAND ..... One Nation Under God, Indivisible WITH Liberty and JUSTICE FOR ALL! Not SOME... but, ALL!! In the Mighty Name of JESUS, Declaring IT IS Done..... Amen.... And so IT IS and so IT FOREVER SHALL BE! GOD Bless YOU Church...... God Bless Your days and Your nights....

Listen..... Open the eyes of our hearts Lord......

Smart Kitty!.......... Peace Out......

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