• Katie Adams

Set your 10pm alarm!!!! Pastor Greg Locke Deliverance Part 2....

"God is moving in His church. I believe in deliverance! I believe in healing! I believe in miracles. And it is true, "Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord Yahweh will be rescued and experience new life." Roman 10:13

We have been deceived for so long but we have seen the truth. We have quoted scripture and we missed it. Lord thank you that the scales are falling from the peoples eyes. Lord thank you for the provision and the sword of the spirit! It is our weapon and we will defeat these evil pedo baby murderers. We can stand in all power authority & pull these horrible demons down. In the name of Jesus we will fight the good fight from our own homes in our own cities with a unified prayer...., The Lord's Prayer.

Set you alarms for 10 pm CST tonight & every night as we worship the power and greatness of our Lord in one unified voice. I believe in the power of prayer. Thank you for joining in and sharing this post. It is not about me it is God working through me and I am honored for the call! All glory and honor forever to God. Without the sacrifice of his own son Jesus we would all have perished a long time ago. We have all been so Blessed to be Alive and awake to recognize that the Great Awakening is happening right in front of our eyes! So now set it for 10 pm!

This is your chance to rewrite the end of your story. If you do not have a personal relationship with God it is time you got to know Him better in a real and tangible way. You are in the end zone at the 5 foot mark. Just not close enough. Keep pushing and pressing forward on the path to that which you don't see and feel. To get to know Him better you need to get with God. You need the Salvation prayer. Do you research and have faith and believe in the power of Jesus! He will hear you and He will redeem you. In the name of Jesus I pray these words are magnified exponentially. And so it is.

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