• Katie Adams

Non-Surgical Fat Procedures

CoolSculpting for a Total Body Transformation!

People may seek a body transformation for a wide variety of reasons. Of course everyone wants to look and feel their best, but sometimes counting calories and going to the gym just doesn't cut it. In some cases, due to genetics or simply because of the way the body stores fat, people do their best to exercise and avoid unhealthy foods but still struggle with unwanted fat in their trouble areas. This is where non surgical fat procedures such as CoolSculpting come into play.

CoolSculpting is a safe, non-surgical medical procedure that involves gradually and gently freezing stubborn fat cells to destroy them and re-sculpt problem areas. It is FDA-cleared and has been performed on millions of people worldwide with overwhelmingly positive results. Chilly Betty Med Spa in Austin offers Dual CoolSculpting, using two top-tier machines at the same time to deliver the revolutionary fat removal services even faster.

Subcutaneous fat is the soft, malleable fat that sits just underneath the skin's surface, and this is the type of fat CoolSculpting treatments are most effective at eliminating. For that reason, CoolSculpting fat removal services produce the most impactful results on the abdomen and belly areas, thighs, back, buttocks, arms, and chin/neck. With the innovative technology CoolSculpting uses, fat bulges in these problem areas are safely and permanently removed. The ideal candidates for CoolSculpting are people who have stubborn pockets of subcutaneous fat. Common areas where this type of fat is found are love handles, banana rolls, and muffin tops. To determine if CoolSculpting is the right solution, contact owner and Master Clinician Katie Adams at Chilly Betty to schedule a consultation.

Fat cells are much more sensitive to cold than other types of cells, and this is the science CoolSculpting technology is based on. The non surgical fat procedures target specific fat cells and gradually cool them to freezing in a controlled method that preserves the surrounding tissue and cells. In the several weeks following the treatment, the body naturally processes the dead cells and rids itself of them, resulting in a much more sculpted figure and a body transformation. The CoolSculpting treatment delivers permanent results in a safe and non-invasive manner. There is so little discomfort that many clients are able to work or read during their procedure, and there is no downtime whatsoever.

Katie personally sculpts each of her clients herself and has some that fly to Chilly Betty from out of the area just to be treated by her! She has over 10 years of experience and offers individualized, attentive service, understanding that no two people have the exact same needs or goals. Chilly Betty focuses exclusively on Dual CoolSculpting, offering results in half the time other med spas can.

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