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Updated: Feb 8

Dale Bigtree has great vaccine statistics on true infections globally.

Om still working on this blog..... check back in

WTH ?? What is with the Biden Family & Crack Pipes???? How much more insane does it have to get?

This is what we are dealing with demonic possessison:

Judy Byington Situation Update 1/7/22:

God... We want to be caught up in Your Presence....just YOU ....Nothing else will do! We Just Want YOU!! Nothing compares to YOU........... I'm caught up in Your Presence...I just want to sit here at Your Feet... Never want to leave.... I'm not here for mercy Jesus YOU don't owe me anything..... More than anything that You can do. I just want YOU!

"Since When has impossible Ever stopped You? This is the Sound of Dry Bones Rattling!! This is the Praise make a Dead Man Walk again. I'm Coming Out! I'm gonna Live! Gonna Live Again! Open The Grave! This Is The Sound of Dry Bones Rattling. You're not gonna Run out of Miracles anytime soon. Resurrection Power Runs in My Veins too!

I Believe there is another Miracle My God Is able to Save and Deliver and to Restore Anything He Wants! Just Ask the Stone that was Rolled at the Tomb in the Garden What Happens When God Says to Move!"

I Feel Him Moving it Now! I Feel Him Doing it Now! I FEEL Him Doing it NOW!"

Rattle. * for King and Country

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