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Lots going on and Lots of distractions.... And Lots going on!

Updated: Apr 21

Don't Forget to get your tickets to the American Freedom Tour to see President Trump May 14th in Austin, Texas at the Austin Convention Center.

"The American Freedom Tour is coming to you! It’s time for conservatives to get motivated and defend freedom. For one historic day, the American Freedom tour will be in Austin! Come see President Donald J. Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Mike Pompeo, Ted Nugent, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Dinesh D'Souza, Kevin Sorbo, Sheriff Mark Lamb and many, many more LIVE & IN PERSON. Get your tickets now. This is a historic, must-attend event featuring America’s top insiders and influencers, live-and-in-person. Register today. Build important relationships, help promote a conservative agenda and protect America’s future." *American Freedom Tour

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Local elections are coming up! Do your own research on all of the candidates. You can catch all past meeting online for your school boards and city council meetings to get informed before you vote. What happens on the local level impacts state and national levels! This came out in my area today. Evidently trying to smear Ellen Troxclair. All it took was a Google search to find out that Ellen served on the City of Austin City Council 2014-2018. Ellen sent out this mailer that I received... These are her numbers. They obviously reflect that SHE DID NOT defund the Austin City Police while she was there. FACT: SHE SUPPORTED the APD.

Preorder Now! Robert F. Kennedy Jr's new book The Wuhan Cover Up releases September 6, 2022! The Real Anthony Fauci is also a very good read.

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@PapiTrumpo gave us this Link to Robert F. Kennedy Jr. FULL SPEECH January 23, 2022. You gotta watch. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is FEARLESS:

Planet Lockdown Documentary - Truth About This Plandemic. It's Time For Everyone To Wake Up! The Globalists Deep-State & PLANdemic Secrets You Need To Know ASAP. *

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Slideshow of Memes!!

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Familiarize yourself with NESERA & GESERA... It IS about to happen!

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Anthem... Click for Unspoken Pandora link:

Romans 10:1
My beloved brothers and sisters, the passionate desire of my heart and constant prayer to God is for my fellow Israelites to experience salvation.

Romans 10:13
And it is true: "Everyone who calls on the Lord's name will experience new life."

God Bless your day.....

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