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It's written in His stars....He gave us Freedom from our sin..........

Updated: Apr 14

"He will never quit on you. He will always have your heart. That is the kind of God He is. He is HOLY. HIGH AND SET APART! God that is WHO You ARE!"

God You Are *Phil Wickham

It's Always Been You

*Phil Wickham cover by Anika Shea

Heavenly Father, I come before you and Ask you to Grant Peace to the Nations. Remove the scales from their eyes and the wax from their ears. Remove the foggy brains and cleanse out the metals. Give the the River of Life through Your yummy healthy Garden of Life. Speed up exponentially the Forgiveness and let the Mercies be extended thrice fold as well as the Grace. Pave the Path Lord In Heaven. I believe in You Heavenly Father! I Believe in the Gift of Your Son Jesus A Man Born of Immaculate Conception Who Had NO SIN Who Came to BEAR OUR SIN! Who Died Upon the Cross, Pierced. Hung up to rot for crows to eat! Dead three days and Rose to tell His Story and to Give ALL. l that Believe in the Free GIFT of Forgiveness. I Believe ...

Thank you so much that You are in the Fire with all of us. We are no longer slaves of this World......Thank You that YOU stand in the Fire holding back the Flames and YOU Stand in the Seas and Retreat the Waves and Calm the STORMS of the Sea....Your Power lives in us! I am most grateful to Know You are in my Fire! Sometimes I don't know how I am going to make a Way and somehow I always do. He is MY bread. He is my LIfe. He moves Me. I am most humbly grateful for everything He has done for me in my life. Thank you again Path Lighters! Thank You President Trump! Thank You PROTECTORS! Thank You People! Be The Light!

God will always provide a Helper a Path Angel Unaware.... I am Most Grateful for these Angels. The EARTH ANGELS are in all of our lives.

NOTHING CAN STOP WHAT IS COMING! There is only One GOD! Who gave His Son to SET YOU and Me and Every One Else FREE! Pour the blood of Jesus over Your body and redeem Yourself and Ask Your Father in Heaven to Forgive You of Your SINS! You are bought and paid for by the BLOOD of JESUS Christ! You Are The Forgiven and Greatly Loved!

I know We will NEVER be Alone standing in the fire ever again. We are right now fighting in the fire and it is well with my Soul as I KNOW like I KNOW like I KNOW that HE HAS THIS!

We Worship the God that WAS that IS & that Will forever BE. There should be GREAT Joy in the house of the Lord today!! We should be shouting out Praise for God who always makes a WAY!!!! I am most grateful. Right now all I can think about is the Children. These drug addict Adrenecrome junkies satan worshiping pedos need to be eradicated from the face of the Earth and released to the depths of hell for Vengeance is The Lord's !! Thank YOU GOD! Thank you! You are always so faithful! Mountains it is time to to move! MOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I BELIEVE and I receive.

We are going to finish this race! Do not forget what lies ahead. Soon your burdens will all be gone! We are almost home. This road will be hard and we win in the end! Take Joy in the Journey!! Heaven is Cheering us on! Brothers & Sisters soon...... We are almost home! We are all right now exactly where we are meant to be! It will not be long!

Heavenly Father please Hear our Prayers. We are speaking to the MOUNTAINS. It is time to move! My God is bigger and stronger than what we are seeing in the Natural. This chaos IS NOT of God. Brother's and Sister's don't be afraid to show your weakness because the God of our Heavens knows and He will use the meek to defeat the strong. There is nothing He cannot do. Please join me is getting our Country back in prayer at 10pm CST as we Unite in One Consciousness of Mind Heart and Spirit as we PRAISE the only ONE Who Can Fix this MESS!! He is the ONLY ONE WHO Can!! Praise His Holy name. #NCSWIC #WWG1WGAWW #BeBoldBetty #GodWinsAlways #OpenThyEyesLord #GreatAwakeningWorldwide #TheBestIsYetToCome #BelieveWhatHaveYouGotToLoose #JesusDiedForYou

There is Nothing He Cannot do!

MY God is stronger. The VICTORY is already done.........My God is Greater!. We will not be shaken or moved... His Promises is TRUE. We speak to the Mountains! It is time to move! My God is BIGGER than this mess!!

I pour the Blood of Jesus on our Nation and the ENTIRE World!! Peace IS being released.. You will Know that kind of understanding this Peace feels like very soon when all Calamity tries to break out! I believe it is Optics only. White Hats are in control. They have told us repeatedly to relax. Enjoy the show. We are watching a movie and enjoy the popcorn. So read educate yourself. Eat well. Take care of your bodies .....purge toxins from your bodies at home. Safely and fairly easily on your own & by yourself. I have done it and so can you. YOU WILL FEEL GREAT!! The Cabal has been spraying us from airplanes with Barium & Aluminum, Lithium and God Know's what else they felt like dropping on us at various times through out the years. God's Clouds do not come out in a grid pattern. .

What a GIFT it is! Until then.... Eat a teaspoon of coconut oil every day. It clears the mind quickly of brain fog and is wonderful for your gums and you can even gargle with it once it liquifies and let it replenish your vocal cords. In extreme anxiety take a spoonful of raw coconut oil. It quickly relieves stress. Swirl it around your mouth and gums. Try not to swallow it as bacteria are in the oil being pulled from the inside of your mouth teeth & gums. Swish it & swirl it around & through your teeth. Get rid of any Flouride toothpaste or washes. Then put the coconut oil in your mouth & swish it for up to 20 minutes if you have the time. It restores gum tissue and teeth. It is very hydrating to the body. Great for the brain. Read up on the many benefits to add daily use to your body. Swish it around & spit it in the garbage. It will clog your drain pipes. Then research on the practice of "Oil Pulling". I'm too tired to find a link.

I GIFT You all who have EYES TO SEE AND EARS TO HEAR with The Peace that Has No Understanding. Restore peace in Your lives. He NEEDS Us. Please pray these devils OUT tonight at 10pm CST. Before You do or say anything PRAY to Hear His Voice. Seek HIm. Seek His Voice. Turn them off & TURN God ON! You are His Treasure! More than anything He WANTS YOU!

God Bless You and Have a Blessed Night. Please make sure Your Prayer Alarms are set for 9:57PM to get worship music going, light a non-chemical soy candle. Just Start Talking to Jesus. You Can Talk to Jesus. Just Start Talking and Keep Talking to Jesus for the Rest of Your Life! You Have a Friend in Jesus! It is time to talk to Jesus!! At 10PM Recite The Lord's Prayer . God Will DO THE REST!! In Jesus Name I pray and pour the Blood of Jesus over this Prayer Knowing the Peoples Voices have already been heard. WE ARE The Living Daughters and Son's... Sister's and Brother's ... Mother's and Father's.... 'Children of Christ'.... In Jesus Name I Pray Knowing That in Christ Nothing is Impossible If you just Believe. I Believe and I receive Heavenly Father. I rest Knowing You love Me and that is enough and it always and forever for the rest of my days shall be the first I pray as I wake and the last pray as I say Goodnight and lay my head to rest. In Jesus name, amen.

I can feel the Earth Vibrating! Can You?? Wow Holy COW!!! This is Awesome! God Is So GOOD! Amen!

God Bless you... Bless Your day!! DO SOMETHING!!!! Knowing and Believing You already are In Jesus name I receive, amen!

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