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TEXAS STATE BOARD of Education District 13

God Bless You Ajua FOR Such A Time as THIS! IN JESUS NAME!! I was Blessed to MEET THIS BEAUTIFUL STRONG SMART COURAGEOUS LADY SOUL SISTER in DC Last Year. She is a Proud Warrior in Christ for our Constitutional Right's and Freedom's, and most especially an Advocate FOR OUR CHILDREN! Please DO YOUR Research on Candidates like your life depends on it, because it does! Spend some quality time learning politics at the local level & get involved and learn how the Constitution and Bill of Right's are OUR Protection! They did not teach us a damn thing. And we DID NOT care. We were happy just getting by and getting along. Well OUR God is NOT a "Getting by" type of God at all!! Thank God!! GOD BLESS AJUA! ..... LOVE HER!!! Please VOTE HER INTO OFFICE! You'll BE SUPER GLAD YOU DID!!

Start FILLING in the blanks in your prayer time with all the wonderful attributes GOD IS! Focus on the GOOD. Repeat Repeat Repeat! Do some Mirror work. Look Yourself in the eye....really...... for as long as it takes until you see and feel YOU! Alone.... in peace.... with God..... Do YOUR Work! Read the Scriptures. Psalm 46:10

Believe in something Greater than.....

“Guilty criminals experience paranoia even though no one threatens them. But the innocent lovers of God, because of righteousness, will have the boldness of a young, ferocious lion! A rebellious nation is thrown into chaos, but leaders anointed with wisdom will restore law and order. When a pauper oppresses the destitute, it’s like a flash flood that sweeps away their last hope. Those who turn their backs on what they know is right will no longer be able to tell right from wrong. But those who love the truth strengthen their souls. Justice never makes sense to men devoted to darkness, but those tenderly devoted to the Lord can understand justice perfectly. It’s more respectable to be poor and pure than rich and perverse. To be obedient to what you’ve been taught proves you’re an honorable child, but to socialize with the lawless brings shame to your parents. Go ahead and get rich on the backs of the poor, but all the wealth you gather will one day be given to those who are kind to the needy. If you close your heart and refuse to listen to God’s instruction, even your prayer will be despised. Those who tempt the lovers of God with an evil scheme will fall into their own traps. But the innocent who resist temptation will experience reward. The wealthy in their conceit presume to be wise, but a poor person with discernment can see right through them. The triumphant joy of God’s lovers releases great glory. But when the wicked rise to power, everyone goes into hiding. If you cover up your sin you’ll never do well. But if you confess your sins and forsake them, you will be kissed by mercy. Overjoyed is the one who with tender heart trembles before God, but the stubborn, unyielding heart will experience even greater evil. Ruthless rulers can only be compared to raging lions and roaming bears. Abusive leaders fail to employ wisdom, but leaders who despise corruption will enjoy a long and full life. A murderer’s conscience will torment him— a fugitive haunted by guilt all the way to the grave with no one to support him. The pure will be rescued from failure, but the perverse will suddenly fall into ruin. Work hard and you’ll have all you desire, but chase a fantasy and you could end up with nothing. Life’s blessings drench the honest and faithful person, but punishment rains down upon the greedy and dishonest. Giving favoritism to the rich and powerful is disgusting, and this is done by the type of judge who would betray a man for a bribe. A greedy man is in a race to get rich, but he forgets that he could lose what’s most important and end up with nothing. If you correct someone with constructive criticism, in the end he will appreciate it more than flattery. A person who would reject his own parents and say, “What’s wrong with that?” is as bad as a murderer. To make rash, hasty decisions shows that you are not trusting the Lord. But when you rely totally on God, you will still act carefully and prudently. Self-confident know-it-alls will prove to be fools. But when you lean on the wisdom from above, you will have a way to escape the troubles of your own making. You will never go without if you give to the poor. But if you’re heartless, stingy, and selfish, you invite curses upon yourself. When wicked leaders rise to power, good people go into hiding. But when they fall from power, the godly take their place.”
‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭28:1-28‬ ‭TPT‬‬

There is so much coming out!!! I'm having a hard time getting it all! There is so much more!! I will try to post again soon!!

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Seth Kessel vis Telegram:

If you're new to my work, here are my 10 points to true election integrity, AKA the CURE to ELECTILE DYSFUNCTION.

- - - -

If I were in charge of all elections, here are my positions. Your mileage may vary.


1) all voter rolls dumped and all legitimate voters re-registered with appropriate means of confirmation to eliminate illegal or double registering of voters.

2) ban on all electronic elections equipment. Poll books, voting machines, tabulators.

3) paper and pen/pencil balloting, granted only with valid ID.

4) mail balloting illegal with exception of overseas military, legitimately disabled with appropriate approval and supervision, or professionals unable to vote on Election Day (doctors, pilots, etc).

5) no early voting. Counter with more and smaller precincts.

6) precincts under 1,000 voters.

7) ballot harvesting illegal and punishable by a decade in prison.

8 - Election Day as a state or national holiday. A populist compromise that will eliminate fraud through the means of having weeks or over a month to execute.

9) winners announced by midnight. Somehow FL and TX can tally 10mm+ votes 90 minutes after polls close but PA needs 4 days and CA 4 weeks.

10) ten year Prison terms for anyone caught restricting access for members of any party to observe election procedure (TCF center, etc.), ballot harvesting, repeat scanning ballots, or any other means of distorting an election

God Bless Your Day!

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