• Katie Adams

Get ready to pray! Please set your alarm for 10:00 CST as we pray the Lord's Prayer..

Every night we pray at 10pm CST. We pray the Lord's Prayer out loud personalizing it as we recite.. We pray for the Children. The Protectors, President Trump and his Family, We pray for our Cities, our Nation and our Country.. We pray for all the Nations of the World. I actually set my alarm a bit early like 9:57pm to get in the spirit. Music & peaceful quiet gets me zoned in pretty quick. It is kinda like falling. You just fall back into, back into to ... Let the music do the rest. Bless you... Hold the faith. You search much deeper within through the.....and the next thing you know you are praying in the spirit with a lot of other souls at the same time all around the world. One prayer given to us from Our Heavenly Father... In One Voice we pray.....We raise the frequency of the whole Earth as we Unite in Universal Prayer all at the same cosmic moment! We worship, we ask, we Hope in all things and we rest in faith leaving the burdens at the foot of the Cross. Casting aside all fear and doubt we rest assured in the Grace and Mercy from our Heavenly Father knowing He has heard our Prayers. Believing. Please join us each night and set your alarm!

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