• Katie Adams

Get ready to Pray!!

Please recite The Lord's Prayer at 10pmCST. Pray for our Nation! Pray for Canada.Australia. Pray for our entire World!

The weather in Austin has been simply phenomenal! It is about to change....

Weather Modification: The Military and some commercial planes are spraying us with Chem Trails.

"Just before a weather front tare heavy assault from these planes just before a weather front is changed and comes in. Military and commercial jets have been retrofitted to release at least 49 different chemicals, In the Twentieth century clouds were seeded by numerous countries around the globe with various chemicals to produce rain. China was just doing this over the Summer to make sure there was not any rain during the Olympics. All this has changed dramatically with the US Military Secretive Research and plans to control the planet's natural weather. This has not been given very much press and we have to remember that we have a corporate owned press where 85% of Radio Television and Print Media is owned by 5 corporations. So they are not going to talk about things that are of really serious consequence, And that is somewhat of a Blessing, a mixed Blessing of the Internet. But there is certainly plenty of information on weather modification,"

Dr. Sandra Perlingieri.

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