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CoolSculpting Near Me

CoolSculpting Austin Texas: Chilly Betty Med Spa

Some people exercise regularly and eat a clean, healthy diet but still struggle with problem areas on their bodies with stubborn fat that just won't seem to budge. In these cases, the innovative body sculpting technology called CoolSculpting may be the solution.

The only FDA-cleared fat-freezing procedure, CoolSculpting is a patented safe, non-surgical technology that eliminates stubborn fat cells and completely transforms the body. CoolSculpting targets and gently freezes fat cells in a controlled fashion to destroy them permanently for striking results. CoolSculpting is effective for treating various problematic areas of the body including love handles, double chin, bra bulge, under-buttocks fat (sometimes called banana rolls), inner thighs, and "bat wings" (underarm fat).

When researching this popular technique as a safer alternative to liposuction, people may ask themselves, "Where can I find body sculpting near me?" or "Where can I find CoolSculpting near me?" CoolSculpting Austin, Chilly Betty Med Spa specializes in offering highly personalized service and cutting-edge Dual CoolSculpting treatment, which uses two machines at once to cut treatment time in half.

With nearly a decade of experience CoolSculpting Austin Texas, Master Clinician Katie Adams is the owner and CoolSculpting team lead at Chilly Betty. She is passionate about all things health and beauty, and her expertise involves performing CoolSculpting on all areas of the body, often using cutting-edge Dual CoolSculpting treatment to provide her clients with more rapid results. Katie is also a Certified Laser Professional and a licensed Master Level Medical Aesthetician, and she sculpts each of her clients personally. Clients say Katie is incredibly thorough and offers such personalized service that some fly into Austin from out of the area specifically to be treated by her.

Ideal candidates for CoolSculpting are people who have unwanted noticeable pockets of fat in certain areas of their body that are specifically resistant to diet and exercise. This can include areas of the stomach, hips, thighs, arms, neck, buttocks, back, and love handles. Rest assured that CoolSculpting is completely safe, non-surgical, and cleared by the FDA. Contact Chilly Betty for an initial one-on-one consultation to learn more and determine if CoolSculpting is the right option.

Chilly Betty creates individualized treatment plans depending on your goals and specific areas being treated, and with its advanced Dual CoolSculpting abilities, treatment time is cut in half of what most other med spas can offer. There is no recovery or downtime, and in fact, many people schedule treatment sessions on their lunch break from work. Spa owner and CoolSculpting University Master Clinician Katie Adams treats each of her clients herself.

For those looking for noticeable, lasting results without surgery or any downtime, an online search for "body sculpting near me" or "CoolSculpting near me" is a great place to star

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