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Breaking info! HIV in the VAXX ?!?!

I've been putting together a thread. I'm seeing a pattern. Check out what I'm seeing.... Lots of problems with the vaxx.

From a comment section on Telegram:

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From Project Camelot/Kerry Cassidy: We would have had civil war if they allowed this to continue. The experiment has reached critical mass as enough people have taken the vax to now infect the rest. It’s the spike protein/mrna attached to graphene nano that jumps from person to person, thing to thing. That is what the AI and frequency towers will connect to and command groups of humans to behave in certain ways. Either your body handles the influx of nano and you fight it and control your own body, or you lose and it takes over the bioweapon is released in the air. We all breathe it in and radiation only activates it, that and human body heat. it’s been in our chemtrails for 30 years but now it has gone “viral” because of the injections directly into blood streams. At the moment humans are starting to fight back but this was predicted. The fact is, the restrictions are now being lifted because they have reached CRITICAL MASS. Now they want people to mix so the vaxxed can infect the unvaxxed. If you have a cold or trouble breathing or scratchy throat or a hoarse voice you have been infected by the nano. It is simple enough to fight with colloidal silver and oxygen drops and pine needle tea and countless other natural remedies. But if a body is weak and the nano takes over and the spike proteins continue to grow then the person will develop issues and may die. It’s all about your health and intelligence it commanding your body sadly most of the population is already weakened. They have been rolling this out for many years. Now the takeover is nearly complete all because people fell for the vax, but we will survive. Many of us are strong and know how to use the remedies and will continue even frequency weapons don’t work on some of us.

Dr. Robert Malone on the Military Vaccine Database

Adrenochrome finally hits the News!

He had just given the below speech January 13, 2022 and now he is DEAD. #NOCOINCIDENCES

Short clip of Bush giving Fauci accolades:

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