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Katie Adams is the owner and CoolSculpting University Master Certified Clinician at Chilly Betty Med Spa. With a lifelong passion for health and beauty, Katie has twelve plus years of experience performing CoolSculpting on all FDA-approved treatment areas, including dual sculpting. Katie's extensive expertise and heartfelt compassion provide:

The best possible client experience.

  • Beginning with her thorough initial consult, through the completion of the procedure.

  • Continuing with a personalized follow-up to ensure your transformation goals are being addressed.

Katie brings an intrinsic sense of nurturing and intuitive creativity to the field as she sculpts each client. Katie realizes that the client's lifestyle, daily interactions, and individual goals for each session are prioritized. She views her relationship with her clients as a partnership, with the end goal being life-long client satisfaction.

​Katie is also a licensed Master Level Medical Aesthetician and a Certified Laser Professional with over 12+ years of hands-on experience in a clinical setting. Katie is the proud mother to three amazing grown adults and loves to hike, spend time with her family and friends, garden, and read. 

She has thousands of satisfied clients in Austin, Texas, and surrounding areas. Her expertise draws customers from all over the United States. Why? She stands by her results with every sculpted body. As an artist, she is proud of her work.