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As God continues to lead we follow and seek His next move. Chilly Betty is dedicating our site to The People through partnership with

Through our Blog posts we are getting the truth out.  I need you who have been led, those with eyes to see and ears to hear to help me get the truth out further.  It will take us all to get our Country back from these devil worshiping satanic ritual abusers who traffic the Children.  The saving grace in all of this is that our God is a God of Vengeance and Justice.  Our God is bringing this darkness to light through fellow Patriots and Believers just as I am.  Unless we acknowledge these horrid truths and destroy the alters and idolatry once in for all, we will never end the suffering and sacrifice of God's Little Lamb's. We all need to be God's messengers and sharers of truth, God's Army. We have Freedom of Speech. Thank God!  So far I am up to over 100+ Blogs with details & truths you need to know.... I just ask that you keep my Blogs going by sharing the message and press on! This is a vehicle for His truth to Reign.

Most posts contain links to the truth via double tap on the picture/ meme.  Please take life seriously.  Please know that if you have been led this far then there is a calling on you to get involved and do something.  Anything in a direction of positivity in releasing the truth and God willing, will begin a spiral of hope and WE WILL CHANGE THE WORLD!  The Children need us. The time is NOW! Darkness cannot live in the light! Shine your light! Be the Light! Please like my Blogs & Share. God Bless...

***Most IMPORTANTLY Please Pray in One Unified Voice for the Children and Peace for all as we nightly recite The Lord's Prayer all around the world at 10pm CST. 


Below you can find the exact times for 10pm CST in your various time zones.

If not NOW, then When??

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